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Pansophic Software Ltd., a Nicosia, Cyprus based Software Development Company, commenced its operations in 1987 as a software development and consulting company creating business solutions using PC based development tools and database technologies. Development of custom-made systems shortly followed providing the customer base with more business oriented systems allowing our customers to work more effectively and efficiently.

Today Pansophic Software offers a wide range of products and services that allow you to acquire IT skills, when required. These days, your business is only as good as your application infrastructure. You depend on applications for the core functions of your business: manufacturing, financials, customer relations, supply chain, human resources – virtually every critical operation. But how can you be certain your business is operating smoothly if those applications are not?

Our growth is a result of our clients’ success. We help our clients maximize the value of their investment by acting as a trusted partner.

Our Technology

Pansophic’s partnership with Microsoft and the use of its development tools is giving us the opportunity to develop scalable, secure, user friendly and innovative applications, web or client / server.

Our Products

Pansophic’s software packages provide solutions for small to large size businesses and in a wide range of Business Types including Banking Applications, Property Valuations & Real Estate applications, Business Applications and GIS Applications.

Our Services

Our services range from Project Analysis, Systems Design and Development, Implementation, Delivery and Quality Assurance, After Sales Support.

Our Competitive Advantage