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Stock Control & Web Requisitions System

Pansophic Stock Control & Web Requisitions System is a complete system for the maintenance of stock items requisitions from the various branches / departments of the organization. Consists of two modules (which can be supplied separately). The Web Requisitions module which is a web based application and manages the requests at the branch / department level and the Stock Control module which manages the organization's stock items at the Supplies department and organization's Warehouses.

Web Requisitions module, supports two levels of requesting stock items, the creation and the approval of a requisition. It provides extensive statistical information and reporting at the branch / department level. Branch users can follow up a requisition from the creation until the receipt of goods. In addition they can follow up, their purchases budget with every requisition.

Stock Control module, is a Client/Server application offering full functionality regarding the maintenance and execution of requisitions received from the organization's branches / departments. Stock Control functionality includes:

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Technical Information
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
Web Server Microsoft IIS 6, 7, 7.5
Database Microsoft SQL 2005/2008