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PS-WebEMS Property Valuations for Valuers

The Evaluations Management System (WebEMS) is a complete solution ideal for companies which maintain property valuations. In a few minutes can provide to a valuer, property information, past valuations comparison information, sales statistical information, mapping information. Powerfull queries and reports make searching for valuation information a matter of a seconds.

WebEMS is a modular system which consists of the following:

It is a Web Enabled application, thus a Valuer can have access to the system and to its own information from anywhere. Each Valuer organization can maintain its own users, define its own user security policies, define timing restricts and more.

WebEMS is able to transfer automatically, valuation information to Commercial and Cooperative Banks, eliminating the need for entering valuation details twice.

Main system characteristics:

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Land Registry Transactions


Technical Information
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
Web Server Microsoft IIS 6, 7, 7.5
Database Microsoft SQL 2005/2008