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PS-WebEstate Real Estate Content Management System

Build and maintain your own website with our PS-WebEstate system. Full Internet domain site for a Real Estate Agency which incorporates both the Front End i.e. what the visitors of the site see and also the Back End i.e. what the internal users see and update.

Designed with the mode of Content Management, which has the advantage that the update of the system is in the hands of the users and there is no need for the technical developer of the site to be called for “content” additions or deletions. The website and the back office can be hosted at our web servers providing stability, security and high speed connections or can be installed in a web server of your choice.

Easy steps for creating new properties and easy steps for publishing properties by authorized users. New properties are marked as “NEW” for as many days you want. In general only authorized users can publish information to the site. Full back office features for maintaining, querying, printing, emailing properties. Publishing of properties and other documents to the Web Site is allowed for authorized users only.

Lots of information for each Property helps users and visitors better understand the specifications, location, capabilities and potential of properties. The system supports many property types and sub types like Houses, Detached Houses, Semi-Detached Houses, Village Houses, Apartments, Terrace Houses, Penthouses, Plot, Land, Shops, Factories, etc.

Magazine module

A “Magazine” module allows for the creation of A4 size PDF report sheets with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 properties per page. These reports can be sent through email to interested people or used in showrooms or in exhibitions. Just select the properties you want independently of property type and create a high resolution PDF file in seconds.


The “Associates” module allows the creation and maintenance of associates which can be informed automatically through emails about new properties, price changes or for sold properties. Furthermore associates have the capability of printing property details with their “Logo” on top, register viewing appointments for their customers and register their customer interest for purchasing a property .

Registered Visitors

Registered Visitors can create “Alerts” in order to receive automatically email notifications for new properties, price changes, sold properties, announcements, new articles, new publications, etc. Even they can create property requests with specific property criteria and get informed through email automatically when new properties are published and match their requirements.

News, Announcements, Articles, etc.

Easy creation and publish of announcements, articles, publications, etc. Create easily a large volume of content helping your site climb in search engines.

Enquiry Form

An enquiry form can be filled by Visitors which can be received in real time at the back office ready for an authorized user to respond immediately. The system has the capability to maintain all responses to a visitor request through the enquiry form, thus showing the complete history of a correspondence with a specific visitor.

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Technical Information
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
Web Server Microsoft IIS 6, 7, 7.5
Database Microsoft SQL 2005/2008